Picture of How to Change the Firefox Theme
Changing the theme of the firefox browser.
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Step 1: Pick a Theme

Picture of Pick a Theme
Firefox 2.bmp
The normal broser interface can be very boring, as a result you can change it. (NOTE. I am using version 3)


Click on the link and select a prefered theme Then click add to firefox.

Step 2: Installing It

Picture of Installing It
Once you have downloaded it, Click Tools/Add-ons/Themes

Find your theme and press install.

Step 3: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
That was a quick instructable! But quite useful for some n00bs
The finsihed look is far better then the original as you can see in my picture.
How to turn on your computer: 1. Locate ON button. 2. Push ON button. 3. Finished! What's with all the "bleeding obvious" 'ibles these days?
How to turn off your computer: 1. Press start. 2. Press "Turn Off Computer" 3. Finished!