How to Change the Flint in Your Old Boy Pipe Lighter




Introduction: How to Change the Flint in Your Old Boy Pipe Lighter

This video give you step-by-step instructions on how to change the flint in your Old Boy Pipe Lighter.  Whether you have the original IM Corona Old Boy Lighter, or, have one of its many copies (i.e. Xikar, Vertigo, Vector, Jifeng, Yibao, and many others) this instructional YouTube shows you everything you need to know to do it yourself.

For other Pipe Smoking information and to learn all things related to Pipe Lighters including:

1. Reviews on all different styles and price ranges of Pipe LIghers (IMCO, Zippo, Dupont, Dunhill, Vector, Vertigo, Jifeng, Corona, Yibao, Nibo and many, many others.
2. Purchase many of your favorite pipe lighters at unbelievably low prices
3. Learn about Pipe Lighter repair and maintenance issues
4. Pipe Smoking News

......and much more.   

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