The process of changing oil in any vehicle is very similar.  Some are harder than other because of where things are placed and the complexity of different types of motors.  However in the 2009 dodge pickups it is a pretty straight forward process.  Everything is pretty easy to access which makes for a quick job.  This is broken so that even a first time oil changer can get the job with ease.  I've included pictures of everything that will be needed including: new oil filter, seven quarts of motorcraft 5w20, funnel, floor jack, jack stands, 9/16 inch end wrench, oil filter wrench, and a oil drain pan.

Step 1: Jack the Truck Up

Place the floor jack in the center of the front axle being sure that it is in a sturdy position.  Jack the truck up far enough so that while you are underneath it is comfortable for you to work.  Also be sure to place the jack perpendicular to the front end so that it will not interfere while removing the oil plug and the oil filter.

I have been changing oil filters for the past 40+ years and one of the best "cheap" tools you can have for the V-8 is a piece of alum foil about 12" X 18". All you have to do is to form a catch trough under the oil filter before you loosen it and have the trough funnel down to the drip pan. When you start removing the filter the oil will find its way down to the drip pan and you will not be wiping oily suspension parts, air dams, engine parts and other things you do not want to have to clean. Just carefully remove the foil and ball it up and make it go into the same place as the filter. Unfortunately you are still left cleaning up a major mess every time you change a slant 6 oil filter.
im goint to assume its a typo, but dodge does not make 5.4l v8 engine in their lineup, anywhere, i think you mean the 5.7L hemi v8, but they also offer the 4.7L v8 magnum and the cummins 6.7L turbo diesel engines in the truck line up, just wanted to clarify so that people with less knowledge about cars are not confused<br />
My thoughts.<br /> <br /> Well done on the guide, well written and informative etc.<br /> <br /> Few things I'd advise though (work in a garage) Get the engine warm first, leave it about 15 mins though instead of 30. Then open the filler cap then drain. This is so the oil flows out better.<br /> <br /> Also, I would not advise half filling with no oil filter on, oil filters are located in various places on different vehicles, so there could be a risk of major spillage.<br /> <br /> I would NEVER use a spanner or a 12 point socket on the drain plug. This is because they round/square threads easily, I'd always use and advise 6 sided, flat hex shaped sockets.<br /> <br /> Other then that, good guide. =)<br />

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