Want something more exciting then your old dull matte black or white?
Cracked or damaged your old face-plate?
Then these instructions are for you! 

In these instructions you will learn how to change out the shell on an Xbox 360 wireless controller.

WARNING: The following instructions may void your Xbox 360 controller warranty!

Step 1: Know Your Parts

For this project you will need the following items:
1) A current Xbox 360 controller
2) A new back plate
3) A new face plate
4) A new battery pack
5) A new "back" button
6) a new "start" button
7) A Torx T8 Security Screwdriver
Note: Can be purchased here
8) A precise Phillips headed screwdriver 
9) A cup to put your screws in
The following items are optional but can complete the look of your Xbox 360 Conroller

NOTE: The face and back plate, back and start buttons,and battery pack were bought as a package on  "http://madmodz.com". This site provides many options for new Xbox 360 shells but is not the only source. You can, if you desire, use any face or back plate to complete this project. The options are endless and it is up to YOU the user to decide how you want to customize the shell of your Xbox 360 controller.  

<p>Bought these and followed directions to swap the case of the controller. Now both controllers randomly disconnect from the console and do not work like they did before. </p>
I just did this, and have the same issues! Two of the controllers are brand new, so I know it's not the controller or the batteries. Ever find a resolution to this? Is the sync button too long, needs to be shaved down?
it was probably because you didnt line up the springs for the batteries right or the battery pack doesnt work <br>i had the same problem with an original controller and put a new battery pack and case on it now it works fin
i did this without a tutorial and mine looks sweet
I want to try a tri-force!!
If I took it all apart and spray painted the front and back plates, would the paint be too thick?
<p>I know it is <strong><em>VERY </em></strong>delayed, but it depends on how thick you make the paint, a single cover is fine, but from then on it gets sketchy.</p>
<p>I have a xbox 360 controller for windows (Wireless).</p><p>Is the shell and electronics the same? </p><p>Is it just the drivers that make it function on windows?</p>
Thanks, I'm putting together a gold controller and this guide will be very useful when all the parts arrive. I'm also gonna deck it out with these rainbow LED's I bought.
Good Instructable,but that's a PCB, not a microchip.
what type of paint did you use?<br>
he bought the shells
Here is the screwdriver I used for the screws on the back. It has an indent in the head of the bit so the pin in the head of the screw is not a problem. <br><br>http://www.madmodz.com/T8-Torx-Security-Screwdriver/productinfo/9003<br>
But there are little pins in the screws<br>

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