With this instructable, I hope to show those people who seem to be toilet-paper-roll-changing-challenged a way that they, too, can easily change the toilet paper roll.

Step 1: What an Empty Roll Looks Like

Now, when you go to wipe after using the bathroom and there's no paper on the roll, that is an indication that there is no toilet paper. Normally, you would find a roll (maybe) and just lay it on the back of the stool or put it on the floor or put it on a counter. What we're going to teach you today is HOW TO LOAD THE TOILET ROLL PAPER HOLDER all by yourself!!!

You may be wondering to yourself, "How will I know for sure that there's no toilet paper?" The answer is that there will be a carboard tube on the holder with no toilet paper attached. You can be assured that there is no toilet paper there. This is what it will look like when the roll is empty. If it looks like this, then proceed to the next step!
<p>My son made it! And with only a minimal amount of eye-rolling! Couldn't have done it without your awesome Instructable!!!</p>
<p>Glad to be of service.</p>
<p>Great Step by Step - SHOULD be placed on the wall next to ALL LOO&quot;s </p>
<br> Sweet and acid sense of humor ...then I realized A GIRL helping?! ...can't be serious!<br>
We homeschool. At this point, I can still force my kids to help me around the house. As you've discovered, however, I have to march them through the steps one...at...a...time. I'm not so much a parent as I am a drill instructor. That's why my daughter was helping. Coercion is a viable tool in our home.
Oh, yes. By all means tear off the roll if you are in danger of hurting yourself. If this has been the reason that you've had to leave the empty cardboard tube on the holder all this time, then rest assured that the end result will be the same if you tear the roll off.
best passive aggressive 'ible ever
Hey man, I was on the same think tank that you were. Then when I read your comment I literally fell out with choking laughter. My wife was concerned with the sounds until I showed her the cause. Kicker comment and Instructable. Whoa, my laughter head is still vibrating. In Christ, Dorien
I have mastered the technique like a hitman, reloading in under two seconds flat. XD
Teaching, entertaining, but incorrect. How can you honestly say that unrolling the paper is for toddlers only a way to entertain one?
love it, nice work. <br />
I would like to point out that this particular type of dispenser is often attached to the wall with the individual wooden arms to close together to get your fingers around the cardboard. If this is the case at your house as it is at mine (and you don't want to ruin the wall to move the arm either) find where the cardboard seam reaches the edge of the roll AND TEAR IT OFF. :-) wisk778
What's toilet paper?
wife likes to leave just a few squares on the roll so it's not officially empty...diabolical....
I thought the toilet paper fairy did this?! Next your going to tell me there isn't a soap fairy.
how do you unroll the toilet paper its stuck all around plz help
Genius. Next up: how to rinse dishes off and place them in the dishwasher.
I don't have that type of toiletpaper holder so it didnt help me
This is amazing I have a list of people who I'm gonna send this link to!!!
I'm still having trouble with step one, on how to determine that the toilet paper roll is empty? Lawl, this is an instructable done right
I'm sure that if <em> toilet-paper-roll-changing-challenged</em> people really existed, they would be very greatful<br/>
you tell him XD
Oh wow! So <em>that</em> is what my girlfriend is always talking about! Thank you for this informative Instructable. <br/>

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