Be warned! I tend to ramble a bit, english is not my first language and this is my first instructable, so please bare with me.

There's a lot that can be done to change do world. Be it big or small things, there's something for everybody. Probably the most accessible way to do that is by being happy. Thing is, being happy is not always easy. You don't have a chance to do this or be that and that takes it's toll. So i'll try to give you enough so you can work on being happier.

To change the world, you firstly need people with ideas! Give resources to people with ideas, and the possibilities are endless!

This instructable is for those people.

Material List:

- Idea!
- Pen or Pencil
- Notepad
- Willpower (Sometimes lots of it!)

Step 1: Have an Idea!

There is (at least i hope there is) a really big amount of people thinking of new stuff at any given time.
Maybe a cool new app or the idea of a career doing what they love most.
While it may sound great, most of these ideas die in the first few hours, sometimes even seconds. 
Why do they die? I believe it's first and foremost due to lack of knowledge and resources required to turn the idea into something palpable.

Anyway, now that you had your idea, let's put it through a few questions:

- Was it done before? If so, can i make it better? How?

- What skills do i need to be able to do it? (programming, sewing, cooking, whatever)

- Should i learn all that is needed or take on a partner? Do i know someone willing to help me?

- Do i love it? (Chances are that if you do, more people will share the same feeling)
<p>This was inspiring. I have to make an &quot;Instructable&quot; for a class full of Engineers.... and I aspire to be an Anthropologist. Great job!</p>
I'm truly glad you liked it! It actually turned out to be inspiring for me too and it went from instructable to a book with the same name. It should be finished and published before summer.<br>Best of luck with your endeavors!

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