Picture of How to Charge AAA Batteries with a Cordless Phone

A quick and easy tutorial on how to charge rechargeable AAA batteries with most cordless phones. This is also great if the existing batteries in the phone aren't working well or don't hold their charge for long.
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Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need
batteries 2.jpg

All you need is a pair of AAA rechargable batteries and a cordless phone.
Decepticon5 years ago
Sense: This instructable makes none. Seriously, you need to explain....everything....about this instructable. Otherwise it's you spamming your youtube and facebook page.
lemonie5 years ago

It needs pictures of your stuff, and some specifics on battery types (i.e. same type for the same charger, don't mix)

rickharris5 years ago
I hate to say this but isn't this somewhat obvious? i.e. "to charge your aaa rechargeable battery put it in a battery charger"??
Kiteman5 years ago
You should have used photos of the phone you did this with. This trick won't actually work with the phone shown in step 2 - look at the connection.