How to Chill a Beer in 5 Minutes or Less





Introduction: How to Chill a Beer in 5 Minutes or Less

Learn how to chill beers in a crunch. Kelly from HackCollege shows you 3 different methods.

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I just stick in in the freezer for about 20 minutes and bammm, never had anything explode, even when I forgotten about it, but then again I drink from glass, not cans.

Even when it completely frozen, I just put it back into the fridge and let it thaw naturally, it was still good.

Can't you just stick it in the freezer for five minutes? I hope this works for Coca-Cola.

You have to time it closely other wise exploding beer cans

If you drink Hamm's beer the can may freeze but will never explode. The stuff freezes great and tastes good thawed.

 I'm pretty sure putting it in the freezer would not be as effective as submerging it in the ice/water/salt combination. The reason being the water would (I assume) be colder than the air inside a freezer, and because it's making direct contact with the water, it would cool faster.

There is a Mythbusters episode about this very topic. 
They showed icewater to be faster than the freezer, and salt/ice/water to be the fastest.
As I learned in Chemistry about 15 years ago:  Salt water: lower boiling point, lower freezing point.

Nitpicking here, but the boiling point of saltwater is actually a little higher than fresh water.

But ofc, the usefull property in this case is the lowered freezing point. :)

look this :

How to Cool Beers Without a Fridge:

As you the second one, I can make a beer flat a lot easier than that haha.