How to Choose the Right Airsoft Gun and Simple Game Advice and Tactics

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Okay, so when I got into airsoft, the first thing i wanted to know was, "where can i get one of these"? then "which one do i want?" Well, this will help you choose.

Step 1: Cheap vs Expensive & Types of Guns

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Well, it all depends on what you will be using your gun for.

LPEG (Low Power Electric Gun)If you want to do backyard skirmishes and never any real battles, when you would be fine with a LPEG

AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)If you want to do battle, then you will want a more expensive AEG. These AEGs range from $80-2000.

Springer: Most people's first gun.Good for backyard skirmishes, but unless you have a high end spring sniper, avoid these on the battlefield.

GBB (Gas Blow Back) a few rare assault weapons are powered by gas Pistols often are.

GNB:Gas Non Blowback. Generally reserved for cheaper pistols, but expensive ones can be this, also.

 Full auto is a clear advantage. Also, don't buy cheap guns for a war. Pictured above, Top: good ECHO 1 G36. Below: Crappy Crosman Mosberg Spring gun 
cheetah1998 (author) 2 years ago
If you guys would like any personal advice on what kind of airsoft gun to get, feel free to email me at maverick@cardencottage.com
ChrisM6528 days ago

can anyone recommend a good dual power gas/c02 pistol. Im new 2 airsoft and need a nice durable, accurate, reliable pistol that can work in the unpredictable Scottish weather. Also can u get refill c02 or is it only capsules im looking to spent between £80 and £160.

Camilo54310 months ago
Doesn't mean they're modern. You shoulda said guns that are still in active service or other guns such as Thompsons, because they're still very much old.
Camilo54311 months ago
How can you call m16s and AKs modern rifles? They're both over 50 years old, and the Thompson and AK are not very far apart in age.
cheetah1998 (author)  Camilo54311 months ago
Simply because they are still in active service. A 1911 could be considered modern even though if is older then say a mosin nagant simply because it is still in select service wheras a mosin is not
Hey I don't know if you check your comments but Ive decided to create a DIY Airsoft gun, the gun will basically consist of PVC pressurized tubing and a cloud magazine, I may put a extra pressurized zone if I feel like it, but onto another topic, none of my friends play Airsoft. We are thinking about getting together in the summer or spring to have miniature skirmishes but what's the best way to get a group of people and how many people is recommended? In total
cheetah1998 (author)  Silent_Shadow1 year ago
Hey! Building your own airsoft gun? Thats an interesting idea. I may have to cry that sometime. Honestly, ive had a skirmish in my friends backyard with only him and i and that was plenty of fun. We just had it so that you have to get hit a certain number of times rather then once. If you want a group of people, honestly, id just go and ask your friends then ask their friends. You can have as little or as many people as you want. The more people, the more fun.
cheetah1998 (author) 2 years ago
Hey Guys! Could you give me feedback on this thing? I want to make it as good as possible.