Step 8: Blade Shape

Picture of Blade Shape
As you can see, there are many different shapes. I am going to concentrate on the ones I would want on a general purpose knife. 

1 Clip Point: The clip point blade has a fine tip, so is good for digging and picking. You can also sharpen the curved section above it, to make a lethal hunting weapon. 

2. Spear point: A spear point or drop point is the standard blade shape used in penknives. it has a fair amount of material, so is very durable, and is good for cutting. It is not quite so good for delicate tip work, but is still a very useful blade shape. 

I can't tell you which one is best, it all depends on what you intend to do with the knife. You would use all of the below shapes for different purposes, so think about what you are likely to be doing, and make an educated choice. Personally, I would choose a Clip point, because I do quite a lot of delicate work, but it is up to you. 

If you are likely to be doing much skinning or gutting, then you might want to consider a serrated or wavy blade, which cuts through flesh like butter, but is harder to sharpen in the field. 
nakigara4 years ago
An important part of the blade (especially for tasks like skinning) is the belly - the curve of the blade towards the tip. One of the reason clip points are favored is because they have both the sharp point and a sufficient belly.

Personally, I'm fond of drop-points (pretty much the opposite of the sheepsfoot - the spine is straight to the point, and the edge curves towards the spine (like a rounded tanto)) - it makes for a really strong tip, yet possesses a belly for skinning/whittling/whatever (very difficult to do with a tanto point)

I'd also strongly recommend against a serrated blade for a survival knife (especially if you are planning on using it for skinning or gutting). While serrations can be really helpful for fibrous materials like cloth and rope, and give the knife a sawing/tearing ability even when dull, they also make it extremely difficult to sharpen, and make tasks like skinning and whittling nearly impossible (both would be quite useful to make tools/prep food).

Anyways, not to get too detailed, but yeah, a clip point is generally all around-good, and frequently favored by a lot of people, and can do most tasks well.