Learn how to easily peel, crush, slice, chop, and mince fresh garlic in minutes!

Garlic is one of my favorite flavors to add to almost any dish at any meal. It's sweet and spicy flavors with it's sticky, pungent smell start my mouth watering any and every time. Fresh chopped garlic can be so simple to create and the flavor profile of your meal will skyrocket, just follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: Getting Started

Gather the following:
  • Kitchen or Chefs Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • A Head of Garlic
<p>Thank you. This was the only useful one I cold find! LOL.</p>
<p>To prevent a 'too smelly' breath you can remove the germ before the chopping - most people don't digest that part very well and that's the origin of the disturbed faces around you... ;)</p>
<p>That's pretty much how I do it when I do it. One extra tip to get started might be to bash the bulb to get the cloves to get undone but since this might bruise the cloves only do it when you expect to be using the whole bulb (or just start with the bruised cloves) </p><p>These days though I find I use my garlic squeezer mainly ... just pop a clove (or two) in and squeeze. Remove skin from squeezer and repeat if necessary.</p>
<p>Hi Wazzup105! Beautiful and time saving tip. Thank you! I'll work on adding that into my Instructable in the future. I've also heard that after you've released all of the garlic cloves you can place them into a metal bowl, cover with another metal bowl and shake the cloves around. Supposedly if you shake long and hard enough, all of the skin will come off of the cloves but I haven't tried it yet!</p>
<p>That does work but crushing them with the blade is way easier with less to clean.</p>
<p>Great step by step directions and pictures :)</p>

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