No matter how careful you are, it’s bound to happen, Shoes get dirty. Follow these simple cleaning steps to keep your Football boots new and fresh look.

Step 1: Remove the Laces

Remove the laces and remove the excess dirt.

Step 2: Clean Your Laces

Put the laces into washing machine with your regular cloths.

Step 3: Items Requires

For cleaning your boots these items requires: old toothbrush, soft cloth, scrubber or foam, warm water & thermometer.

Step 4: Put All Items on Wash Basin

The best place is bathroom where you can put all your cleaning items on wash basin.

Step 5: Apply Soap Mixture

Apply soap on scrubber.

Step 6: Use Warm Water to Clean

Use lukewarm water to clean the shoes, it helps to quickly remove the dirt from shoes.

Step 7: Use Tap Water to Clean

Use tap water in whole shoes.

Step 8: Scrub With Soap

apply soap on whole shoes and scrub it.

Step 9: Apply Toothbrush With Soap

use toothbrush for scrubbing small portion of shoes such as sole, inside, side and back area.

Step 10: Rinse the Shoes

Rinse the whole shoes.

Step 11: Rub With Cloth

Rub gently the shoes with cloth, excess water must be remove by cloth.

Step 12: Take Out the Laces From Washing Machine

take out the laces from washing machine.

Step 13: Finally Fresh & Clean Look

your shoes is ready for kick off.

Step 14: Final Look

Your Shoes is ready.

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<p>I didn't catch what the thermometer is used for.</p>
<p>well thats my wild imagination to show its warm water :)</p>

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