Introduction: How to Clean Playstation 2 Slim

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This is  how to clean ps2 slim.

Step 1: You Will Need

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You will need:
Multi purpose grease or silicon lube
Cotton swab 

Step 2: Remove Cables

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Turn it off 
Remove memory card,joystick,video&audio,power and ethernet cable

Step 3: Flip It Over

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Flip over the ps2  and remove 4 plastic and 2 rubber tabs 
Remove 6 screws

Step 4: Remove Cover

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Flip the ps2 on top and pull off the top plastic cover 

Step 5: Clean It

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Clean everything with brush and DONT TOUCH LENSES!

Step 6: Clean Lenses

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Rub the lenses with a dry cotton swab to remove dust

Step 7: Lubricate

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Step 8: Put Cover Back On

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Put cover back on 
Put screws and tabs
Plug in cables and play


jbaker22 (author)2012-07-29

Have you had trouble were it wont stat up, but the fans spin fast?

tutdude98 (author)jbaker222012-07-30

no but check this

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