How to Clean Your Clarinet




Introduction: How to Clean Your Clarinet

I recently was on untouchables and found not much on the clarinet. I decided to show you how to clean it today.

Step 1: Materials

Obviously, you need your clarinet. You will also need a cleaning swab, which can be found at most music stores.

Step 2: Let's Start!

First, let's start with the lower section. On your cleaning swab string, there should be a weight. Drop that weight down the top of the piece. Keep that going until you see the string at the end. Then take it and pull through. Use your finger and the cloth to clean keys and anything extra. Do this for the rest of the pieces.

Step 3: Important Info

NEVER put anything but your mouthpiece, barrel, and bell into water. The barrel and bell can be cleaned with a cleaning swab, but it will get stick in your mouthpiece, so use soap and water to clean the mouthpiece. Also, your reed will get moldy and gross if you don't take it out every time you put your clarinet away.

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