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Introduction: How to Clean a Benelli Super Vinci Shotgun

All guns need regular cleaning to function properly and to prevent corrosion or rust. These instructions will walk you through the disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of the Benelli Super Vinci shotgun. This revolutionary shotgun design can be unfamiliar at first. However, this design can be easily understood in no time. With little practice you will be an expert on your shotgun, making the cleaning process simple and virtually effortless. Because of the simplistic design of the Benelli Super Vinci, the cleaning process can be completed with little to no gun experience. The process requires 5 to 20 minutes to get your Super Vinci spotless with a butter smooth action.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Required materials and cleaning supplies:

- Benelli Super Vinci
- Break Free CLP cleaner (or similar gun cleaner that cleans, lubricates, and protects your shotgun)
- Remington Rem Oil (or similar gun oil that oils and lubricates your shotgun)
- 12-guage gun barrel sock
- Cloth rag

NOTE: The last four materials on the list can be found at your local gunsmith or superstore.

Step 2: Disassemble the Shotgun

The first step to correctly clean your super Vinci is to disassemble the shotgun into 3 parts, the Forearm Module, Buttstock, and Barrel.

WARNING: Before disassembling the shotgun, be sure it is unloaded and the safety is on.

1. Hold the shotgun with both hands.
2. Press the button on the bottom side of the forearm module while simultaneously twisting the magazine cap counterclockwise.
3. Set the Forearm Module aside.
4. Hold the Buttstock firmly while twisting the Barrel counterclockwise to disconnect barrel from Buttstock.

Step 3: Clean the Action

The next step is the key factor in the functionality of the shotgun. The action should be cleared of all dirt and grime for a smooth, fast slide.

1. Hold the barrel and the action in your hands.
2. Spray Break Free CLP in the gap behind the action receiver.
3. Thoroughly wipe clean the area behind the action with the cloth rag.
4. Pull the action receiver back and hold.
5. Spray Break Free CLP in the area where action receiver was.
6. Thoroughly wipe clean the exposed area with the cloth rag.
7. Release the action receiver.

Step 4: Clean the Barrel

This step it to ensure no corroding or rusting takes place for the longevity of the barrel.

1. Spray Break Free CLP down the end of the barrel.
2. Place the anchor on the string end of the gun barrel sock down the barrel.
3. Pull the sock all the way through the barrel.
4. Repeat this motion several times to ensure all of the chemical is gone.

Step 5: Assemble the Shotgun

This step is the opposite of Step 2, Disassemble the Shotgun.

NOTE: No excessive force is required during assembly if all parts are properly aligned.

1. Line up the white dot on the buttstock with the sighting groove on top of the barrel and action.
2. Press two parts together and twist in a clockwise direction until seated.
3. Align the notch in the forearm module and the white dot near the action.
4. Firmly press down on the forearm module until the white dot near the action disappears.
5. While maintaining down pressure, turn magazine cap clockwise until you hear a click.

NOTE: Make sure your action slides smoothly by pulling the action back and releasing.

Step 6: Oil the Action

The final step in cleaning your Benelli Super Vinci is oiling the action for a butter smooth slide. This will also help keep moisture out to prevent corrosion or rusting.

1. Lightly spray Remington Rem Oil on moving parts in the action.
2. Wipe off any excess oil that may be dripping.

NOTE: A light coat of oil will is all that is needed and will last several years if only in storage.

Congratulations you have successfully cleaned your Benelli Super Vinci shotgun! The cleaning process will only get quicker every time now that you know how to disassemble and reassemble your shotgun properly. Your shotgun is now ready for storage or to be taken to the field for shooting. It is recommended that you clean your shotgun at the end of every hunt or shooting period. This will ensure no corrosion or rusting will take place and thus making your shotgun last for years to come. Enjoy your next shooting experience with your clean, super fast Benelli Super Vinci.



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