Clean a Computer Mouse





Introduction: Clean a Computer Mouse

This is an instructable that was made to be entered in the Burning Questions Round Seven. I hope you enjoy and Vote for it!

Step 1: Materials

the materials need are a paper towel maybe 2, cleaning solutions like windex, a duster or keyboard cleaner ,and a toothpick or paperclip.

Step 2: Dust It

first take your keyboard cleaner or duster and simply dust the entire mouse.

Step 3: Palm Area

Next take your paper towel and windex. spray the windex over the area where your palm goes. then, wipe it with the paper towel.

Step 4: The in Between Area

Now, pretty much every mouse have hard to reach places. in this step you will use the paperclip (you have to straighten the paperclip) or toothpick and put in a paper towel without putting a hole in the paper towel. spray cleaning sloution on the paper towel and stick the toothpick or paperclip ,with the paper towel over it, into the hard to reach areas. Move it along the area as to get everything that is in there.

Step 5: The Bottom

Now you have to be careful in this step as you dont want the programming chip to get wet. so, in this step take a paper towel and spray the cleaning solution on the paper towel. then, wipe gently along the bottom of the mouse.



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    2 years ago

    There's no substitute for opening the sucker up to get at all the gunk from dead skin, hair, the corpses of dead Liliputian creatures, etc. The hard part is taking off the gummy plastic feet/pads that usually hide the screws. They don't always go back on very well, or they get so badly damaged they are nearly hopeless to use again. I'd love to know a great idea for replacing lost or messed up feet/pads.

    Do you know anything about cleaning the actions of the mouse buttons on the IR mouse?

    yeah toothpicks are about the right size but a bit too pointy

    I tend to find that giving a mouse a good grind on a sheet of paper gets most of the cak off the bottom. But I say most not all.


    sounds good. i will try that when i start my spring cleaning