Step 3: Separate the Spine and Ribcage from the Fillet

Picture of Separate the Spine and Ribcage from the Fillet
Separate the Spine from the Fillet:

a. Place your knife at the point that your first cut meets the spine of the fish.

b. Make a horizontal cut as close as you can get to the spine while still ensuring there are no bones in the fillet. The cut should go from the gills until just before the tail and only go through half the height of the fish.
**Note that this might not be one fluid cut. You will need to pay attention to where the bones are and move slowly.
**Make sure that you do not cut the fillet off the tail yet.

c. After you separate the spine you will spread the cut open so that you can see the spine.

d. Now that you can see into the center of the fish, you can locate the ribcage and separate it from the fillet.