Step 3: Clean the Contact Sheets

From the last step, we should have the six contact sheets shown below.

Using the following materials:
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Cotton swabs

1.) Dip the cotton swab into the alcohol

2.) Gently and Carefully clean the top of each contact sheet
Make sure to clean the contact sheets thoroughly.

3.) Flip over the contact sheet and clean the bottom
The most important thing to be clean on the contact sheet is the contact itself.  Normally the way the sheets are placed on the chip will stop substances from hindering the contacts, but it is essential that the contact remains clean.

Next the buttons will be cleaned.

This is very useful for us retro gamers! As for the risk of an electric shock, these thing run on 3.3 volts.
i snapped one of the two tabs (left side) on the joy stick housing. do you have any insight on what i should do, or should i just glue it?

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