How to Clean a Swimming Pool


Introduction: How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Cleaning A Swimming Pool - How I clean mine

The house we bought here in Fuerteventura has a swimming pool - well frankly we would not have bought one without, or without the ability to add one, as life would be less pleasant here without one. I had never had to maintain one before, the closest being looking after our hot tub in the UK. After some trial and error, and asking the advice of a few friends with pools, I developed a pool cleaning routine which seems to work well. From start to finish usually takes me about 45 minutes.

This video shows the steps I take to clean my swimming pool and cleaning the sand filter afterwards. I use an Astra vacuum head, which I cannot say I like very much, as I have had to bolt the head onto the handle. The original plastic clips which held it on were not fit for the purpose and kept unclipping themselves. I contacted Astra customer services about this a number of times but obviously Astra simply doesn't care about it's customers as I didn't receive a reply to any of my posts.



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