Copper is a very powerful material that has been used in the home for many centuries. The natural anti-microbial properties make it a safe and durable element for any kitchen or bathroom sink. Here, you will learn how to properly clean, buff and maintain the look and strength of your copper sink to keep it looking beautiful for years. 

Step 1: Step One: Soap and Water

Clean your copper sink with mild soap and water and a soft sponge or cloth.

Step 2: Step Two: Buff Dry

Keep your copper sink clean and dry to avoid hard water spots. If you get water spots on your sink, rinse well and buff dry with a soft cloth

Step 3: Step Three: Wax

To help further protect your copper sink from water spots, apply a wax periodically. This will help maintain the luster of your sink. Also, avoid leaving acidic foods in your sink. This could greatly damage the patina on your sink and compromise the durability. 
<p>If the copper isn't coated I recommend The Victorian House Brass and Copper Restorer. It will never remove any of the copper because its not a paste or cream and its non toxic and has no odor. I use it for antique brass and copper. It looks like water--no black mess. Put it on with Soft steel wool--don't worry it wont scratch it..and rinse it off with warm water. Its simple and easy. It used to be hard to find but now they have a website if you want to check it out for yourself. www.thevictorianhouseproucts.com</p>

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