This video on how to clean and repair your Nintendo NES games is brought to you by the folks at the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. It is absolutely critical that you clean your Nintendo NES games before you use them in a recently repaired system with a new 72 pin connector. If your games just generally aren't working you likely need to replace your 72 Pin Connector and clean your games.

Check out our other video on how to repair your Nintendo NES System.

Also, be sure to try our NES Game Cleaning Kit which has all the parts you need to open up your games and professionally clean them just like we do in this video.

We hope you find this video helpful! Check out our YouTube page for other FREE and helpful nintendo repair videos. Be sure to post any questions you may have below in the comments section as we will be monitoring and responding every day.
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This video does a good job of showing you how to clean the game, however the only thing I would ever recommend buying from the Nintendo Repair Shop is the security bit. I personally have purchased the items and have found out they are much cheaper to drive to your local Meijer and pick them up. I am a video games dealer and have used what I am about to tell you hundreds of times. The &quot;Game cleaning past&quot; is rubbing compound for a car. Mix it with a little water and you will get the same thing they send you. Also, the &quot;Game cleaning rinse&quot; is nothing more then normal rubbing alcohol. You also do not need the special rags they sell to you because normal paper towel works just as well. Hope this helps anyone who wants to save a little money when your cleaning your games.

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