How to Clean and Repair your Super Nintendo SNES Game Cartridge Video

video How to Clean and Repair your Super Nintendo SNES Game Cartridge Video
This video on how to clean and repair your Super Nintendo SNES games is brought to you by the folks at the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. In the 6 years that we have been repairing Super Nintendo systems, we have rarely run into a case where dirty games were not at the very least a significant contributing factor. Often times, cleaning your SNES games can mean the difference between seeing a black screen, and them loading the first time, every time. Check out this FREE video to learn how to open and professionally clean your SNES games.

Also, be sure to try our SNES Game Cleaning Kit which has all the parts you need to open up your games and professionally clean them just like we do in this video.

We hope you find this video helpful! Check out our YouTube page for other FREE and helpful nintendo repair videos. Be sure to post any questions you may have below in the comments section as we will be monitoring and responding every day.
ShenLun1 month ago

What electronic training do I need to repair these please?

ddwinell1 year ago
I have a copy of super metroid that has very worn down metal connection parts. It currently cannot be played. Is there a way to repair or replace them?
not very useful
i was looking for some home remedy kinda guide. and you didn't even mention what else we could of used except those cleaning paste & fluids.
but still it was nice.