Hi! Summer is about color, right? It's time to hangout and play outdoor. But, do you have any problem with the white lines of your shoes-middlesole? Here's how to clean it.

Step 1: You Need



Wet cloth

Dirty shoes (of course)

Step 2: Wipe It!

Wipe the middlesole using wet cloth.

Step 3: Toothpaste

Put the toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Step 4: Brush It!

Brush it to the white lines of your shoes.
Circle move is the better one to clean this area effectively.

Step 5: Wipe It Again

Wipe again your brushed middlesole with wet cloth.

Step 6: Do You See It?

I love this part

Step 7: Tada!

Tada! Your shoes is ready to wear!

Step 8: Thanks

Thank you for your attention. See you.

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