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Around instructables, I have seen a lot of comment chains that were on orange boards that were deleted but they still remained because they were deleted in the wrong way. This instructable will teach you how to delete the comment chains the right way.

Step 1: Find a chain that you can delete

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Now this can be a comment chain on your orange board with no deleted comments or a comment chain that is only made of your comments without any other peoples comments later down on the chain. If it is not either of these chains, then it will not work.
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If Only Eric could implement an easier way...
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Yep, if only...
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cool, you zinged me!
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Nicely done. Basically, all you do is delete comments from the most recent one. GM: Bob <-- delete last N8: Bobby <-- 4th GM: Eggs <-- 3rd N8: Bobby Eggs <-- 2nd GM: Eggs Again <-- delete first +5/5 stars.
n8man (author)  GorillazMiko6 years ago
Yes, that is what it basically is but my instructable removes the timeframe.