Step 3: Clean, Clean & Clean

Once you completed Step 2, take one tip of your Q-Tip and dip it into your Cartridge. Make sure the tip reaches all the way till the end of the plastic. Now evenly "spread" the tip throughout the whole cartridge, till you reach the end. Repeat this process 5 to 7 times.
Rubbing alcohol is better than water. It won't rust the contacts and evaporates much faster so is dry sooner.
Thanks for the tip. I'll be adding it to the Instructable shortly.
Come on you do this with alcohol! Not water.
when i did this tetris became frogger
if you put water on the contacts the game will delete save files if it is left in the system.
for the best result use brasso first on the qtip then clean of the brasso residue with contact cleaner and wipe again with the qtip

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