I came across this challenge and read that one of the tasks was coiling an extension cord.  This is actually how I coiled lines when I was living aboard my sailboat.  It's an excellent way to store lines (and extension cords) without knots to untie, snarls to untwist or a mess to clean up when you need to use it.  This coil also allows them to be hung in a locker or on a nail in your garage.

If you're a sailor, you may already know how this is done.

BTW... I'm left handed, so if you're not... Welcome to the world of left handers, who've had to mentally struggle with converting right handed instructions all of our lives.  If you're left handed, well, enjoy :)

Not enough?  A step-by-step description (a director's "Type-Over) of this video can be seen HERE:

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