Video tutorial! Watch and enjoy :)

Oh and good job this looks great
thanks! :D
Hay you should do some sand casting stuff that whould be osam
it would be cool but i dont think i have the facilities to be able to do real metal casting safely :P
<p>I find the final product awesome, but i don&acute;t know if the the process is cheaper than just painting it with metal spray paint...</p><p>How much does the powder cost?</p>
<p>it's pretty cheap, 5 gbp for 500grams depending on what type of metal want, looks better than any metallic paint I've bought before and probably costs around the same as paint as 500grams will go really far!</p>
<p>Oh! its really cheaper than i thougth. Totally worths it</p><p>Thank you again for the instructable</p>
<p>This does not nearly have as much views as it deserves on here.<br>You nicely explained, demonstrated and elaborated on the technique.</p><p>Good job, sir!</p>
<p>thank you! But i only put this video on instructables two days ago haha</p>
<p>...</p><p>I totally knew that.</p><p>I still stand by my point though.</p>

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