The Coleman slide, or any longboard slide for that matter, is an important skill needed for going down hill where you might need to stop short (for example, riding on a hill where cars drive).

This instructable covers the Coleman slide which is considered the best first slide by many boarders. After learning this slide, you can move on to many other slides like pendulums, standing slides, and others.

Sub Note: I do not have any pictures of myself sliding, so Instead I have used a picture of the inventor of the Coleman slide, Cliff Coleman.

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Step 1: What you will need:

  • Some skateboarding experience: Be able to carve down hills.
If you can't do this, work on your skills before trying this, or else you might fall and then dislike longboarding.

  • Sliding gloves: 100% necessary, either buy some, or make some using this guide:
How to Make sliding gloves
Sliding gloves allow you to put your hands on the ground at speed without hurting yourself.

  • A board: again, 100% necessary, make one using this guide:
How to make a longboard
Your trucks should be pretty loose, but not super duper loose. Wheels, although you will hear otherwise, aren't that important, just don't cry if you wreck your soft wheels.

  • A helmet: YOU NEED ONE, you might die without one

Step 2: What kind of day to learn and where?

If you are ok with possibly wrecking your bearings, I strongly recommend a wet day. The wetness will allow you to slide alot easier than when it is dry. Otherwise, dry will work.

Here you have some choices that don't really matter.

  • A large flat area
An empty parking lot lets you push alot, get a good speed, and have room to slide.

  • A semi steep hill
The hill lets you build up your speed, and the run out has space to slide.

  • A hill leading into a parking lot
This is where I learned, best of all worlds.

It doesn't really matter where you learn as long as you can get up to speed and then have another 15-30 feet of slide room.
why isnt he wearing a helmet?

because hes too good for it

helmits suck
vanpaun (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox5 years ago
He's too pro!
u can never be too pro for safety! ,,o wait yes u can,,
you can be too splattered all over the pavement to wear a helmet...
XI3 isaac!3 years ago
dude he is! look at the pic! its orange!
my brother goes 40-50 bear foot down this HUGE hill
dont got no gloves just use my hands
Thanks dude it's pretty useful
mitchknx1 year ago
Do an instruct able on standup 180's and stuff
Vitamins32 years ago
what is the preferred wheel durometer (hardness)?
83A is what i have and i think it's the best
I have 75a is that too soft?
chubby82 years ago
i learnt to do heelside 180 slide first then learnt standies but still havent got the coleman slide right
Megatronic3 years ago
His old enough to be advise what to do look at his gray hair.
wsk12183 years ago
I personally like my head intact and in one piece.
whats up
vanpaun (author)  ThousandParadox5 years ago

lol how r you?

johmey4 years ago
Dude, this didn't say one thing on how to do a Coleman Slide, except for the gear I need...
Cliff Coleman is my friend and a skateboarding legend.

If you want to be a better instructor, add some detailed information on how to wind up and carve into the slide, what to do with your free hand while sliding, how to lean into the slide, how long you should slide for based on your speed, and how to get out of the slide and back into the starting position.

Don't you dare give Cliff Coleman a bad name. He is just almost 61 and can STILL out-skate most people I know.
johmey johmey4 years ago
By the way, an OFFICIAL Coleman slide is NOT a sharp slide. You have to SLIDE into it, not THROW your back foot into it. meaning it should be a smooth motion; you get some speed, then make a carve in the opposite direction you plan to swing your back foot out, then you swing it as you are coming out of that first carve.
so if you are a regular foot, (meaning your left foot is in front of the board), you will do a small carve to the right then as you are coming out of that carve, you will put your right knee down on top of your front left foot while at the same time, putting down your sliding glove next to the board on the ground NO FARTHER THAN 18 INCHES FROM THE BOARD. you will want to twist your upper torso to the left as you go into the slide, brining your right arm across you over to the left side of your body. you want to do this so you can have enough momentum to get back up. Practice stopping completely at first to get a feel for how it works, and also so you can build your muscle memory. pretty soon, you will get a feel for swinging your right arm back to the right side so it will bring you back up on your feet to the board so you may continue to bomb the hill at a slower speed than you started out with. oh wow I typed a lot... BUT ABOVE ALL!!!!!! WEAR--------YOUR---------EFFFING-----------HELMET.
thank you very explained this very well..did it better than the feature article..!!!!! and do you have to have hard compound wheels when doing this?
beatles14 years ago
nice job just got some high grade crane plastic from my uncle to make some slidin gloves now its time to slide =)
Trumpet4 years ago
Little note:
Steeze = Style + Ease.

When Cliff has his hand free of the board, he is swinging it around the front of his body, over his other shoulder. This helps rotate the shoulders. After getting your shoulders into rotation, your hips will follow, which is key to really initiating the slide. Speed helps.

Go for it! Really rotate and throw around the slide, coming out evenly weighted so the you don't fall off after whipping it around 180.
You will feel so much more confident when you know that you can stop if you find yourself going too fast for comfort.
Darren.5 years ago
Getting into this "box" position will not be any good if you all of a sudden need to stand up.
capn5 years ago
Hey thanks for linking my instructable!

Also great job on your instructable!
vanpaun (author)  capn5 years ago
No problem, an thanks!
hg3415 years ago
I do something like this with my mountian bike not with my hands though
vanpaun (author)  hg3415 years ago
So like, braking? Hahaha?
hg341 vanpaun5 years ago
yeaspinning too