How to Connect Multiple Devices to a TV (Xbox, Wii, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc)

video How to Connect Multiple Devices to a TV (Xbox, Wii, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc)
Big thanks to my friend Rob for helping me get partnered with YouTube!

In this video I show how to connect multiple devices to a High Definition TV (HDTV) using a "component switch". A component switch allows you to connect multiple devices to one TV. You select the device simply by pressing a button. Make sure your TV is set to it's "component setting" when selecting the device.

Any questions feel free to ask...I check daily. THANKS FOR WATCHING!
koilaf14 days ago

Great instructable - thanks! Hooking up any electronics always gave me anxiety. You're the first person to logically and simply explain the reasons for each step... now it makes sense to me. Totally appreciate the slow pace and the dialogue along with the clear images. Just what I needed to take the fear away --- now I can set things up neatly and avoid having to interchange each component everytime I wanted to use a different component. Brilliant!

Great video really helpful, but I would like to know your comments about this 4 way hdmi splitter, as I am planning to buy it so is it good pick or you have more better suggestions??? thanks in advance!!!

RichsMethods (author)  davidjohnson877 months ago

It looks pretty good. I like the infrared capability that allows you to the channel in another room. Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks!! for your advice too!!

vinuu20061 year ago
I have a samsung LED HD tv. The problem is at the same time Iam not able to connect dish tv out and DVD component out. Because my TV has only one Video input (Image Attached). Please advise how I connect ...
Is it possible to connect component to HDMI cable to HDMI port in TV. Please confirm
2013-11-19 17.00.49.jpg
jdsa121 year ago
I have a Emerson tv with a GE audio/video switch 37630. I need help hooking it up to my tv. Can you help me?
RichsMethods (author)  jdsa121 year ago
If you can send a picture, or describe what connections you are trying to make it would help me out.
shardai6711 year ago
How do I set up my panasonic sa-ht740 dvd home theater system to my philips hdtv using a ge model # 37630 (4-device) audio/video switch? My audio/video switch has the yellow, red & white audio/video components only; and my tv has 1 input with the same composites, has hdmi and the red, blue and green inputs. I have want to be able to use my surround sound on the home theater system while watching tv or doing any other activities on the tv.
psychmom1 year ago
First off, thank you for your informative video! It's helped a lot.

When I plus in the red and white audio cables into the component switch, there's a loud humming noise from my TV. I figured out that the humming stops if I unplug the white cable in the 'Output' section of the component switch. How will this affect the sound quality of whatever I'm watching?

Thanks in advance!
RichsMethods (author)  psychmom1 year ago
It would prevent one of the speakers in your TV from playing sound, so your overall volume will be lower.

Does you TV have 2 speakers?

To further note - Surround sound unit is DVD player thats why its video cabled to TV. TV 2 scarts plus additional inputs for cables, kinda didnt explain that way.
RichsMethods (author)  realhaggis19801 year ago
If I were you I'd either connect the SCART Switch Box to one of the SCART connectors and connect the WD Live, SKY+, and anything else to the SCART connector. If that doesn't work, you could also purchase the "component switch" like I show in my video and share the RCA cable connection with your PS3. With either the Component switch or the SCART switch, you will have to physically select the which component (SKY+, WD live, etc) you want to use as you use them. Kind of a pain, but is worth it. Does that help?
I've just got a WD live box for xmas with all connections at back.
Currently have a Phillips TV (Philips surround sound packed up) Samsung Surround Sound, SKY+ & PS3. TV only has 2 scart sockets (no hdmi). SKY+ scarted to TV and optical sound cable to surround unit. PS3 (don't use HDMI) cabled to red, white etc inputs on TV and sound ones to surround sound. Surround Sound has a video cable to the output on scart socket on 2nd connection to TV. I do have a scart switching box, which maybe the only option? Is there anyway of connecting the WD box to it all? I'm a little techy, but some of it confuses me, had to use forum when I got PS3 to join it all up.
Ponderosa2 years ago
Great video, but I am still a little perplexed. Right now, I have an hdmi cable connecting a satellite receiver to the TV. Separately, I have a Wii console connected to the TV's red,yellow,white input (on side of wall-mounted flat screen TV). I now want to connect a DVD player (no hdmi connection). I've tried to connect component cable to the receiver and the DVD, but then I cannot determine how to view the DVD player. I've looked at each unit's user manual, and none of them provide the connection guidance that I need. If I were to get a switch, how would that work? Would the DVD, Wii AND the receiver connect to the switch, or just the Wii and DVD? I would assume the latter, so that the hdmi connection remains with the receiver, but I've been working on this for a couple of days and am now
RichsMethods (author)  Ponderosa2 years ago
Just the Wii and the DVD would be connected to the switch. Then on your TV you should be able to select HDMI or Component input. When on the HDMI setting you'd be viewing your satellite, and when on the "Component" setting you'd be able to select between the Wii and DVD player using the component switch I show in the video.