Introduction: How to Construct Perpendicular Lines

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A step by step instructable on creating perpendicular lines

Step 1:

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Create a line using a straight edge, plot 1 point on each side of the line.Label one point A and one point B

Step 2:

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Start with the point of a compass on point B, and make an arch.

Step 3:

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Keep the compass the same, and copy the arch onto the other side of line AB

Step 4:

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Still keeping the compass the same, copy the arch but start with the pint of the compass on point A. Make sure that the 2 arches intersect

Step 5:

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Copy step 4 onto the other side of line AB

Step 6:

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Draw a line using a straightedge, that crosses through the intersections that the arch's made to create two perpendicular lines.


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