Picture of How to: Construct Your Very Own Universe

This instructable is a quick exercise to get you started in the business of universe construction.

Required supplies:

- time (s)

- space (m)

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Step 1: Define Space-Time

First you will need to define the relationship between space and time with one simple equation:

time cubed (s^3) = space to the fourth power (m^4)

Now combine your time and your space according to the relationship defined in the equation.

Why is this relationship important?

If you ignore our equation and combine time and space as equal to one another (s = m), your space-time just sits there.

If you combine time and space in accordance with our equation, your space-time is not stagnant but flowing at a constant rate.

This natural flow is the quality which will allow you to construct all the components required to create a successful universe.

Step 2: Begin Construction

We observe a relative mass in our universe as a volume of space (m^3) at a point in time (s):

m^3 / s

Warp a portion of your space-time according to the ratio above to create mass in your universe.

A vital quality of your space-time is that, despite your tinkering, the relationship between time and space cannot be altered.

Our equation from step one is upheld with a temporal effect to balance the changes made in relative space:

If s^3 = m^4 then m^3 / s = s^2 / m.

What is s^2 / m? There you have the temporal effect gravity, a force upon what some physicists refer to as the ‘fabric of time’ at a point in space by a relative mass.

A Tauren17 days ago
I think i got it right....or wrong
Bananamultiverse (author)  A Tauren16 days ago

I see what you mean ... if it's any consolation, you're a very handsome mantis.

nparfo1 month ago
What if this worked.. And the universe I'm in now is because of me successfuly following this instructable...
Bananamultiverse (author)  nparfo1 month ago

... then I am a duplicate of the other me answering your comment in this new universe and I must commend you for your attention to detail in recreating my form and consciousness ... though I do feel that I don't feel as tall as I was before ...

All the same - excellent work if that be the case!


wjbeaty2 months ago

I simulated this in excel, but a giant eye appeared in the sky over my house. It was still there even after deleting the xls file, but seems to have vanished after cycling power.

Bananamultiverse (author)  wjbeaty2 months ago

Ugh, I knew it ...

If Weishaupt were still still alive I'd punch him right in the nose.

I'd recommend disconnecting your internet connection during any further experimentation, just to be safe.

tony178372 months ago
My first attempt melted and my second attempt looked ok at first, but upon closer examination, the dogs were walking the humans. What am I doing wrong? Please help.
Bananamultiverse (author)  tony178372 months ago

Well - if your humans and dogs are otherwise functioning normally, you may have a sociological issue.

I suggest a human uprising to restore order.

ABCSoup2 months ago
So is that why I feel like people I know have been invaded by the pod people? An alternate universe was created with clones and I somehow stumbled upon it!
Bananamultiverse (author)  ABCSoup2 months ago

"No," said the old man, "that's just perfectly normal paranoia. Everyone in the Universe has that.”

- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy