Step 6: Construct Frame

Construct frame

A.  At both ends of the 7” pieces, ¼” from the ends, mark a dot in the center.

B.  Use same drill bit as previously and drill a pilot hole through the board.

C.  Repeat for all three boards (total of six holes).

D.  Lay triangle flat on workspace, center 7” piece on end inside the triangle against “inner wall”, use screwdriver to affix with wood screws through predrilled holes.

E.  Repeat process for other two “legs”.

F.  Place second triangle flat on work surface, flip triangle with legs upside down, and place legs inside inner triangle, now first triangle is raised and being supported by legs which are resting on the work surface.

G.  Used wood screws and screwdriver to secure legs to second triangle, wait to secure the 6th screw, after securing the fifth, place level on top of the raised triangle and check that the top triangle is sitting level, raise or lower the position of the frame as needed to ensure entire frame is level, affix the sixth screw.

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