Introduction: How to Control Arduino With Smartphone

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Hy guys its me gulshan and i am going to show you how to control arduino with smartphone , so let's get started


Step 1: What Will You Need

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You will need an arduino (of course) a cable, an led for testing, and an OTG cable or converter

Step 2: Downloading!

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You have to download an app called arduino Droid from play store ( i will show you how it's work in detail in next instructables)

Step 3: Connect It!

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Connect the arduino with cable
Usb to to OTG
and otg to mobile and voila!

Step 4: Open Up

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After connecting arduino with smartphone

You have to open arduino Droid app click on three dots
Click on settings select board
Select the board

Step 5: Coding

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Write your code or select any example
Click on dots
Click on example
Click on basic
Click on blink
And there you have it your so called blink code

Step 6: Led Testing

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You can test the led by blink example
I edited the code because i used pin 12 besides of 13( it is the default pin in example)

Step 7: Troubleshooting

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Before compiling the code (if you edited it) you have to save it
Then can click on upload
If app shows error in compiling or uploading then click the compiler or upload button again

Step 8: After Party With Arduino

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As we know arduino is the device full of possibilities
If someone ask me to what can be built with arduino? I simply say....... What you want to make?


kaffeetrinker71 (author)2017-01-21

I have a Geocache deep in the Woods which works with an Arduino and i have to modify the sketch. Now i have to walk just once the 5 km to the Geocache instead of twice. ;-)

abdooooo (author)2017-01-21

Hello, can i want to connect 2 continuous rotational servos with 4*4 keypad, the keypad determine the angle each servos goes to

could you help me with the code please?

CameronF22 (author)abdooooo2017-01-21

You should try the Arduino forums:

Iamgulshan (author)abdooooo2017-01-21

Sorry I am not good at coding so and i am also a beginner so i cannot help you out

EmmettBrown (author)2017-01-20

That's really cool. I don't think I'd want to write a lot of code on my phone, but I'm always having to tweak stuff and holding the laptop near the robot after it's all installed is always a pain. Good find!

Iamgulshan (author)EmmettBrown2017-01-20

Thank you

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