Introduction: How to : Control Speed of Motor?

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If you have couple of DC motors lying around first question comes to mind is how will I control the speed of these motors !

So in this Instructables I will show how easy it is to do so !

If you feel lazy you can watch video on my channel

Step 1: Most Laziest Way !

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If your are lazy and don't care about he power loss !

Go ahead and grab a potentiometer and you are done ! Enjoy most inefficient way of controlling the speed of DC motor.

But you can use this method only for small motors not for he MONSTER motors show in 3rd picture.

Step 2: Little Bit Efficient Way !

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You can use these step up or step down module but problems is that you can either increase or decrease the speed cant stop them.

And buying there modules just for speed control is not that efficient and worth it

Step 3: Bit More Advance : PWM

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Okay most efficient and best was to do so is PWM signal !

To generate PWM signal we can use arduino in my case arduino nano.

Program is very simple and self explanatory basically we are using arduino's analogWrite function for this.

Step 4: Why Don't We Use Father of All IC

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We are using Arduino just for generating PWM which is kind of stupid so why not to use IC 555 for this !

There are several schematic on the google here is one example

Use any potentiometer higher than 10kohm and any n channel MOSFET

Thanks for reading and do check out my YouTube channel


dbiswas6 (author)2017-03-18

Allright hey! So yeah i am quite a bit into electronics and all and for a project of mine i want a way to control HUGE monstoroes motors, ie the gasoline engine motors with electronics . like how could i even control it electronically( like with a joystick or so) ???

LouArt (author)2016-07-20

Electronics idiot here. Would this work for a pump? I have a 10m head pump that I want to use in my Aquaponics system. I only have 1m head.

Nematic! (author)LouArt2016-07-31


throbscottle (author)2016-07-19

Nice, but you missed a couple of methods out!

Old fashioned linear spped control, which is like your potentiomer but has an amplifier to drive the motor (so you can use a bigger motor) - still inefficient though. You can use error correction feedback to get accurate control.

PWM using 2x 555 timers - this way you have 1 timer to generate the pulses, the other to control the mark/space ratio, which gives you two advantages: 1) you can control it with any voltage source, not just a potentiometer, 2) the frequency of the PWM signal does not change (which it does with the 1x 555 method)

Nematic! (author)throbscottle2016-07-20

appreciated your idea but I made this Instructable for all those kids out there struggling to control speed of motors.

I know we can generate better PWM but for small motors it is quite efficient

happy making !

nidar (author)Nematic!2016-07-22

Hi dear ..
excuse me ..
how i can rising a speed of motor


I have been looking for well executed motor controller boards capable of stabilizing the frequency of PWM with two 555. No dice so far. Could you include a link to an example please.

BTW there was a related question on Instructables here:

Here's a couple of links:

I used these for the one I built a while ago - schematic attached. You can see it isn't really any different:

FrancoA9 (author)throbscottle2016-07-19

You also have the 556 dual timer (two 555 in one). So you don't need to use two 555 ;)


Thank you for the GOLD info. Those website you are providing links are great sources of electronics education.

DejayRezme (author)2016-07-19

I'd love to see a simply instructable to use arduino micro but with a suitable mosfet (logic level?)

Nematic! (author)DejayRezme2016-07-20

5V - 15V i used p30nf10 you can use IRFZ44 not sure but ...

bruce.desertrat (author)2016-07-19

I'm guessing that all that needs to be done with the Arduino or 555 controller to drive higher-voltage motors is to use the controller circuit to drive some suitable transistors? I have a beefy 90VDC motor from a treadmill I want to repurpose into a lathe drive. Using a PWM controller should let me connect it directly to the shaft since it's max rpm is higher than what I need for the lathe.

Nematic! (author)bruce.desertrat2016-07-20

for high voltages MOSFET might help !

billbillt (author)2016-07-19

Thanks for sharing!.. This is great advice!..

Nematic! (author)billbillt2016-07-20

Thanks mate :)

Bradscopegems (author)2016-07-19

This is very helpful. I have been looking for a suitable circuit on Google but did not find this simple use of a 555 IC. Thank you!

Nematic! (author)Bradscopegems2016-07-20

appreciated :)

DylanD581 (author)2016-07-18

Great variable motor speed controller.

Nematic! (author)DylanD5812016-07-19

Thanks !

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