video How to Convert A T-shirt in A Sexy Dress
easy way to convert a T-shirt in a sexy Dress!
i cannot open up the video :0
rachelmaryb4 years ago
I couldn't get the cups right so I just did without them! It just made the dress shorter, but I attached the halter part to what was supposed to be under the cups and added a cute belt! It looks great! Thanks so much!
Here it is! [IMG]http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy220/12koolgirl/110212-200943.jpg[/IMG]
Whoops! I mean: http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy220/12koolgirl/110212-200943.jpg
water rat4 years ago
CUTE IDEA!!! I had to laugh when you did the cups from the sleeve! now i can turn my old t's into sleepers! very clever!
bobsch.kerr5 years ago
She is super woman, wow amazing!!
msmakadoo5 years ago
Very easy to follow directions, cute dress. Now tell me how to get back that trim little body that I had at your age and I 'll WEAR the t-shirt dress! Oh, well, there are always the hats.
cndbottoms5 years ago
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codongolev7 years ago
Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
I love all the cute stuff you make.
Very cool. :)
wow, you're beautiful and the dress came out looking great! nice work on using pretty much all of the t-shirt.