This instructable shows how to convert normal wired earphones into a wireless Bluetooth earphones. The Handsfree device gives mono output, so both the earphones are to be connected in parallel and soldered on the circuit board.

Step 1: Materials

1. An old(but working) bluetooth handsfree (I used Nokia BH-104)

2. An old handsfree with two earphones (I used Nokia)

3. Soldering Iron

Step 2: Procedure

1. Open the case of the Bluetooth headset carefully.

2. Mark the battery, earpiece and Mic connections along with polarity.

3. De-solder the earpiece from the headset.

4. Also, remove two earphones from the wired handsfree.

5. Carefully remove the insulated coating of each wire.

6. Connect both the earphones in parallel.

Note: I had 4 wires: 2 Golden, 1 Red and 1 Blue. Join Both the Golden wires together. Similarly,join the red and blue wires together.

7. Solder both the golden wires to Ground.

8. Solder the Red and Blue wire to Vcc.

Note: It is possible that you might get wires other than golden, red and blue. In that case, join the wires of same color together and solder them to Gnd and solder the different colored wires to Vcc.

9. Close the casing carefully and test the device. You will have a nice piece of working wireless Earphones.

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