Follow those steps to convert Brainsight custom skull surface (.stl) file to Autodesk Inventor (.ipt) file

Step 1: Load STL Into MeshLab

Drag the stl file into the screen

Step 2: Delete Unwanted Faces

1. Click "Select Face in a rectangular region" icon

2. Use control, alt and mouse to select all unwanted faces*

*You may need to un-click "Select Face in a rectangular region" icon to move to different viewing angle and click icon again to select remaining unwanted faces

3. Click "Delete the current set of selected faces" icon

Step 3: Inverting Faces

We need to Invert remaining faces

1. Go -> Filters -> Normals, Curvatures and Orientation -> Invert Face Orientation

2. Click Apply and Close

Step 4: Surface Reconstruction

1. Go -> Filters -> Remeshing, Simplification and Reconstruction -> Surface Reconstruction: Poisson

2. Set Octree Depth to 7 or 8 and Solver Divide to 8

3. Click Apply and Close

Step 5: Surface Simplification

1. Go -> View -> Show Layer Dialog

2. Un-click "Eye" icon

3. Click to select "Poisson mesh" (it should highlight this one only!!!!)

Surface Simplification

1. Go -> Filters -> Remeshing, Simplification and Reconstruction -> Quadric Edge Collapse Decimation

2. Set Target number of faces to 1000*

3. Click Apply and Close

*You can set this number higher if your computer has dedicated GPU, otherwise your computer performance will suffer.

Step 6: Export, Save As...

1. Go -> File -> Export Mesh As...

2. Set file type as .DXF format

3. Click Save and OK

Step 7: Import to Autodesk Inventor

On Autodesk Inventor:

1. Click "Open"

2. Choose file type: DXF Files(*.dxf)

3. Click "Open"

1. Click Next -> Next ->

2. Make sure you choose all the options as same as the red box I have

3. Click "Finish"

Step 8: Stitch

1. Click "Stitch" icon

2. Select part

3. Click Apply and Done

Step 9: Save As...

Click Control+S (Save as)

Choose file type: Autodesk Inventor Parts (*.ipt)

Click "Save"

<p>Thanks for providing steps on how to do this!</p>

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