How to Convert Google or Youtube Videos to Almost Any Other Media Format for Free





Introduction: How to Convert Google or Youtube Videos to Almost Any Other Media Format for Free

In this instructable I will show you how to download video content from numerous sites( youtube, Google Video,etc) and convert it using two methods to many other formats and codecs. Another use is to download music videos and convert them into mp3's. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. By the way, I am only 13 and that is not an excuse for a bad instructable.

Step 1: Methods for Conversion

The First Method
The first method is using a website to convert the media file. This good for when you only have one file to convert or you can't install the programs necessary for conversion.
My favorite is vixy file converter.
You don't even need to upload the media file.
Another one I like is media convert.
The Second Method
The Second Method is more difficult but allows you to convert into many many different file types. You can even create motion gifs.
For this you need the following:
1.A Windows XP computer. (sorry mac people, I wish I had a mac)
2.A video to download.
3. Super Video Converter

Download Sites For Super
Site One
Site 2
I don't know if you still need this, but this allows you watch FLV's with out converting them.

Step 2: Find Your Movie

This is pretty obvious but the first step is to find an internet video that you like. I love Stumble so thats what I use to find my videos. One good trick to know is that stumble video can be used as a youtube proxy at school/work. The Video in this instructable is the waters of march by Tom Jobim/Elis Regina.

Step 3: Download the FLV

Now you need to download the .FLV flash video file. There are many ways of doing this but I just use this one. It works well. What you do is first open up the video of your choice in Mozilla FireFox (because Firefox is the best). Then you make a new tab (Control + T) and go to this link. From that website you paste in your videos URL address and click download. From there you will get a file to download.

Step 4: Rename File.

After the FLV movie file is done downloading simply rename "get_video" to "get_video.flv". Right Click on the movie then click rename and rename it "movie title.flv".

Step 5: Install SUPER C

Now install super from one the following links.
Download Sites For Super
Site One
Site 2

Step 6: SUPER Install Is Done

Now this is what super looks like when it is done installing. It may look intimidating at first but once you get use to it, it is really easy to use.

Step 7: Converison

Now we just need to convert are files.
Look at the pictures for how to do it.
Congratulations, you have successfully converter your files.
Thanks For reading.
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    user is a nice site to convert videos from YouTube or other platforms to multiple media formats. Also, there's no need for installation or subscription. There're actually many free sites like Keepvid.

    I had forgot about zamzar. Thanks

    zamzar sucks. Full of restrictions and is bad for your download allowance. Upload File (8mb gone) Convert (takes ages) Download File (takes ages and size is 50mb) Just download a program...

    A program that converts unlimited vids

     Realplayer and a convert program

    ya except the free one is only a demo

    I dont's know how to fill in all those boxes, the data is a bit intimidating. Isn't there an easier & simpler way to do this stuff. I'm not that great with this kind of stuff yet. Can anyone help me? Thanks- Triumphman 2-12-08 12:52 pm New York (in the boonies).

    Just leave them as default for most things. It should work. If you have any problems just ask. And about the virus stuff I don't no which one. I know that SUPER is clean so don't worry about that.

    Hey what about the VIRUS stuff that wetwillie73 mentioned ??????? Me no likey viruses!