How to Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB for IPhone 4/4S


Introduction: How to Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB for IPhone 4/4S

So you've got many wonderful PDF version of books and always find it's really not good experience to read even you got a 4-inch retina screen. I've definitely have this experience.  so here is the instruction for you to get good viewing for the favorite books, that's is to convert PDF to EPUB. EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device. That's why we have to convert PDF to EPUB even PDF is readable with some PDF apps on the iPhone 4/4S.

First of all, free download and install the PDF to EPUB Converter. Launch the program and you will see the following interface:

Step 1: Import PDF Files to Program

Drag and drop the PDF files you'd like to convert to EPUB format, Or add the PDF files from the file menu. Just do as you like.

Step 2: Customize the Output EPUB EBooks

Select "epub" as the output format. And you can convert all pages or specific pages by set the page range as "1, 2, 3, 5,...".
you can import up to 50 multiple PDF files to the PDF converting program and convert them at one time. By click " PDF converter>preference", you can customize the output epub ebook format and make book cover. That's really powerful yet easy to use.

Step 3: Convert in Flash

With everything customized, you can start your conversion now. Just click the "convert", and let everything done by the software. Well, just a sip of coffee, everything will be perfect. hey, don't take coffee now. It's already OK!



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    This is the tool I am currently using, it can help firstly OCR the PDF to editable format and then convert to our needed file format ePub with ease.

    A simple guide you might want to check:

    Hello. I recommend to have a look at free toolkit, which doesn't require installation. With a simple interface and easy to use, all you need to do is upload your pdf files and convert them to epub or mobi formats.

    Here is a free ebook conversion tool for you.
    You can easily convert your ebook from epub to pdf.

    Free Online Ebook Converter

    It provides you with the best PDF to ePub converting experience.

    I am a book lover...and my experiences with electronic books has been Really Pleasent since my knowledge of epub format...I use Wondershare Pdf, to make my files from that format, and use it on my android, with the software MoonReader Pro...I've had troubles with other converters due to a problem of inverted pics after conversion...

    Thanks for the software advice...