Introduction: How to Convert Your Old Adapter Into Usb Charger

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Hello! friends

Welcome to my another 2k16 "Old adapter into usb charger" project. In this project i'm gonna show you how to reuse your old adapter into a usb charger for your smart phone. Actually, I just throw my adapter into a trash than suddenly I got an idea of USB charger so I pick it up again and make my own USB charger, it's really useful for me. Don't worry if you don't have your own charger follow the steps carefully and you'll be able to make your own USB charger.

So, let's get started.

Step 1: Materials

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You'll need

Old Adapter (5 volts)

Female USB connector

Jumper wires

Soldering iron with solder

Glue gun

Screw driver

Plier cutter

Mini grinder

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

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With the help of this diagram we can build our own USB charger read it carefully make sure pin configuration of female USB connector is same according to the diagram.

Female USB connector pin configuration

Pins Name Description

1 VCC +5v

2 D- Data -

3 D+ Date +

4 GND Ground

Actually we need only two pins 1 and 4 only for our project so skip the pins 2 and 3.

Step 3: Testing

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Before using the adapter for your project make sure you just check the voltage by using DC voltmeter.

Step 4: Disassembling

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Take your adapter and open it by using a screwdriver. Cut the both wires I/O an AC source as well because we need to make space for the female USB connector.

Step 5: Marking

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Now put the female USB connector on an adapter case where you want to place it and then marking on it.

Step 6: Making Space

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Now cut the marking piece by using mini grinder very carefully for your female USB connector.

Step 7: Soldering

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Soldering the +ve side of the adapter to pin 1 of the female USB connector and -ve goes to the pin 4 of the female USB connector then attach the AC wires as well back to the adapter where you get it off before.

Step 8: Installing

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Now install the all parts into the adapter case by using hot glue. Now your USB charger is ready to use.

Step 9: Finish

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Attach the one end of the datacable to your USB charger and the other end into your smart phone. As you can see that charging status is clearly shown in the pictures. It means your charger is ready to charge your devices.

I hope you guys like it.


KapetC (author)2016-07-21

U need to choose an adapter with an output of 5V 2/2.1 A or it ll be a waste of time :)

Asadullah Mughal (author)KapetC2016-07-21

its a 5 volt 2 amp adapter lolx read it carefully

KapetC (author)Asadullah Mughal2016-07-25

what i ment bro is that it's useless to choose a less amp adapter thats all , good work :)

Asadullah Mughal (author)KapetC2016-07-21

you should check the step 3 and 4

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