Hello there. This is my first Instructable

A while back I was sitting around and wondering what to do with my dead laptop. I knew the mother board was fried but everything else was still in working condition. As a result, I decided to make an external monitor from my dead laptop and proceeded to do the research to find out if this was possible. Below is what I discovered. Unfortunately, there was no way to use the motherboard's VGA connector. The VGA connector on a laptop is used to connect to an external monitor. In any case the VGA connector is output only and wouldn't work for an external screen. As a result, I found that I needed to buy a controller board for the LCD screen, to make it work as an external monitor. This was the main cost but was still less than half the cost of buying an external monitor.

The controller board cost me about $42 not including tax and shipping. However, there are various types that cost less.

I also built a stand for the LCD panel but as you will see, I decided to go a different route.

The information below will illustrate the steps I took to convert my laptop LCD screen into an external monitor.

Step 1: Getting Started

Lets get started.

Materials needed::
Dead Laptop hopefully with a good and working LCD screen.
LCD controller board
Hobby electronics screwdriver
wire cutters optional
5 inch section of wood 2x3
two 3 inch sections of wood
self tapping wood screws
cordless drill
drill bit for drilling metal
Dremel and cutting disk optional

Note: if your LCD is damaged then don't proceed any further. This instructable will not fix a damaged LCD screen!

Disclaimer: Due note, I take no responsibility for your actions, implied or otherwise. I am not telling you to do anything, This instructable is informational.

Step one. Unplug the dead laptop from any power source AND remove the battery!. The laptop battery is located, usually, on the bottom and can be removed by sliding a release lever. These are lithium ion batteries and can hold a few Amps. The risk of shock might be minimal. However, there is no need to take the risk.
I'm so glad I found this... I have a nearly identical HP laptop that you used and recently noticed that it was overheating and too much work to fix up, but the big beautiful display works great and I was sadly thinking I'd be better off selling it rather than dissecting the entire thing to fix its overheating issue. <br>Now I have a new use for it! <br>Thanks!
Actually, you can do One better. You can salvage the RAM, the Wireless card, the Batteries, the charger, the hard drive, the DVD disk player and sell them to people that need them on E-bay and Still keep the LCD screen for yourself. <br> <br>I suppose I should have made this Instructable on how to salvage your laptop. I'll have to wait till another one dies.
<p>Genius! As an honorary &quot;Red neck&quot; (U.K. chapter, it's a good thing, honest) I'm putting your application in the post. You have given me the three screens I need for my simpit plus a lot of peripherals that I hadn't even considered. Thanks.</p>
Very nice instructable. This instructable is the answer to a question that comes up about once a week in instructables questions and will get referred to often.
<p>Nicely done and very informative!! However unfortunately, by the time you add the cost of the LCD Controller card, various parts and time you could have bought a new inexpensive monitor. </p>
<p>I scavenged a Samsung LTM215HL01 screen. I have been unable to find an LCD controller that explicitly mentions this model number of screen. Should I just look for a universal controller and mention the model number to the seller to see if they support it before I buy it?</p>
<p>I have a lot of 15&quot; laptops many of the same model, is it possible to use one adapter &amp; power supply etc to connect more than one screen to it.and also how about using the laptop body itself as a shell to contain all the components???</p>
<p>As long as model number and manufacturer of the LCD screen matches, you should be able to use the same adapter. But you will have to buy an LCD controller board and power units with support for multiple screens, and I'm not sure if those things can be found easily.</p><p>Using laptop body itself - sure, why not? Only your imagination is the limit here.</p>
<p>How do I go about reconfiguring or reprogramming the LCD controller so that it can be used for a diffrent model LCD display?</p>
<p>I guess, you will have to find a universal programmable LCD controller but there still might be some caveats and not every LCD panel might have the firmware to support it.</p>
<p>Hi. Awsome !</p><p>what is needed to connect to HDMI (intsead of VGA) </p><p>Thanks for the instructable !</p>
<p>If you use the same link that he provided, the ebay seller has kits that include HDMI.</p><p>http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_from=&amp;_nkw=&amp;_armrs=1&amp;_ssn=e-qstore&amp;rt=nc</p><p>:)</p>
AWSOME <br>thanks !
<p>Question: Is there any reason you benefit from using an old laptop screen? I don't have one kicking around - so it seems simple just to use a flat screen HDMI monitor to do the trick. Thoughts? </p>
<p>The benefit to using an old laptop screen is basically just to save money. But if you already have an HDMI monitor then you're golden!</p>
<p>Hey there, new guy here. Got my hands on an old dell ultrabook which was not working, but I know that the monitor is still good and wanted to try out your project, but when I contacted the seller of the controller board they told me that they do not support this LCD. Could you help? This is the LCD I have (https://www.laptopscreen.com/English/screen-part-number/B133EW05~V.0/). From what I understand it uses a different connector.</p>
<p>Contact www.lcdparts.net. I think you have an AU Optics LCD. lcdparts has controllers for B133EW01~V.0 and V.04, W03, W04-V.4, and W06. They may be able to help with W05.</p>
<p>Your lcd is the newer one , maybe you shouldn't give up. </p>
<p>I have a Mac desktop that I took apart. The Mac is dead, but not the screen. Will these instructions work on it?</p>
<p>They only concerns the lcd model number, you should give them the lcd model number.</p>
<p>I have LED Monitor. What i want to buy different controller board? or i can use LCD controller board for my LED monitor? </p>
<p>Led monitor is led backlight while the older ones are ccfl backlight. But similar. The better way is to contact the seller listed in this article. </p>
<p>Thanks for this tutorial. I have a question. </p><p>Can I do the same thing for my unused 5&quot; LCD smartphone. I have a dead smartphone which I know still has a good LCD screen. Can I use it as an external screen? is there any controller board for this small LCD? Thanks very much for the help. </p>
<p>Unfortunately I don't believe so, they use a slightly different interface called MIPI which requires a more complicated controller. Here is an example of a controller based on an FPGA: http://hackaday.com/2014/08/19/a-mipi-dsi-display-shieldhdmi-adapter/</p>
this is
I have acer laptop LCD.<br>model...B140XW01. V.9.<br>I want to buy a controler board .please inform me how to buy this.<br>email..(rkarmakar4@gmail.com)
<p>Thanks so much for this! Now I can play around with another monitor!</p>
Where do you connect the power cables to. Is it attached psu?
<p>i can't find one for a macbook air screen (2013 11 inch </p>
<p>hii.</p><p>Thanks dot this cool guide, but i have something to ask about it-</p><p>I found a product called &quot;packed pixels&quot;, and i noticed that it can get its power from the laptop itself. How can i do it here? I want to use not just at home, but also on the move.</p>
<p>What power source can I use and how much power is needed ?</p>
<p>i have a Toshiba satellite m115 -s1061 model number is PSMB6U-00G005 it has a dead harddrive but the motherboard is good and so is everything else will it work?</p>
<p>i would love to be able to hook up my ps2 to the laptop screen</p>
<p>i would also like to keep it in the computer case</p>
so basically to sum up this whole tutorial: buy a controller board
I wish most tutorials would just say that I've really learned nothing.. no diy or salvage just an advertisement
<p>push air from outlet to intake &lt; reverse flush &gt; dri air Works best</p><p>will give you back coller laptop</p>
<p>clean your cooling fan .</p><p>thats probaly your cheapest solution</p>
<p>Excellent tutorial!!!</p>
can i use normal lcd control board instead of LCD control Board...??
<p>Hi Guys,</p><p>This project looks great, but i need help in converting any laptop screen and only the screen into a TV. kindly help me on this guys.Thanks.</p>
<p>where we get the control board ? what is its name?</p>
<p>hi, is it possible to make a lcd monitor from old laptop screen that is powered by usb connected to your new laptop?</p>
<p>No. a USB does not provide enough power. Unless we're talking 5 inches LCD</p>
How does this work than https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/slidenjoy/slidenjoy-double-or-triple-your-screens. ??
Think this could be done with a monitor from a tablet PC that uses a Wacom digitizer?
<p>My guess is yes, but you would have fun finding a controller for the digitizer, and for the LCD.</p>
<p>@ThrowingChicken- did you every get an answer or direction on this?</p>
<p>nice DIY! congratulations. I have a question. I am not good at electonics. I found this LCD controller; http://www.ebay.com/itm/MT6820-B-5V-LCD-Monitor-Drive-Controller-Board-10-42-LVDS-Screen-Universal-IFA-/331559411398?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&amp;hash=item4d327b1ec6</p><p>am I looking at the right product? (let's suppose that it is suitable with my LCD). </p><p>Cheers!</p>
<p>I'm so going to try this! Everyone says oh, no you can't use that old screen for you tower. I knew that there had to be a way!</p>

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