Step 6: Freezer Modification and Stock Up

Picture of Freezer Modification and Stock Up
For those wanting to turn a refrigerator into a freezer, it shouldn't be too hard. The only thing you'll need is a new thermostat that is connected to your compressor. As mine will be used, for now, as the beer fridge with spirits locker - I will not be converting to a freezer.
goiden5 years ago
Hi we bought a thermostat of ebay to convert a chest freezer  into a refrigerator and it works fantastic, the motor hardly ever runs and it stays icy cold, we live off solar power so we needed a large chest  fridge that would hardly use any electricity as we use it for storing  milk and fresh produce.    
it only took 5 minutes to change the thermostat over and we didnt have to modify anything just swapped the thermostat as it looked the same as the thermostat we pulled out , we looked at other ways to do a freezer into a fridge conversion and  this was by far the easiest way  
we bought it off    freezer2fridge  in Australia
stgagnon6 years ago
Hey, this is a great project. Thanks for posting it.. Does anyone know if a similar technique could be used to turn an upright freezer into a chest freezer? Also, is there any news about turning a standard sized fridge into a chest fridge? Thanks, if anyone is still listening.. Suz.
You can check this link out - http://mtbest.net/chest_fridge.html -
Great efficiency for the chest frig!
EcoMotive7 years ago
This sounds like a good idea, I'll definitely try this if I come across a cheap mini fridge. BTW: You do have to wait to plug in a fridge after its been tipped over. I blew the compressor on my deep freeze once after I tipped it to clean it out. I herd you should wait at least 24 hours.