This is a small tutorial showing how to deal with the problems converting your PCB Schematics to G-Code to be able to Mill it.

Used Software.
DipTrace : http://www.diptrace.com/
CopperCAM : http://www.galaad.net/coppercam-eng.html
Mach3 : http://www.machsupport.com/

I used DipTrace form y PCB Layouts but any software cable of saving Gerber files can be used. Its Free if you can be under 300 pins. Witch works fine for most of my projects.

To control my CNC Mill I use Mach 3, but any other software can be used such as LinuxCNC and EMC2.
But for me I think the 175$ for a Mach 3 License is well spend since it’s a great peace of software.

I also got an license for CopperCAM for 80 € which is good given out and don’t have to mangle with a lot of conversation programs and scripts. Her I gave a great GUI and can see what’s happens and change the settings easily.

I will make the Tutorial both as a Video and Images Step by Step Guide

The Video can be seen her, the Image and Text Step by Steps on the next pages.

Step 1: Exporting PCB Design

Have your PCB Design Loaded in DipTrace and go to File /Export / Gerber…

Select the Top Layer and click Export chose Yes to use the automatically apertures and save the File eg. “Top.gbr”
Select Board Outline and click Export chose Yes to use the automatically apertures and save the File eg. “BoardOutline.gbr”

Close the Export Gerber window.
Select File /Export / N/C Drill…

Check the settings and click Export chose Yes to use the automatically tools and save the File eg. “Through.drl”

Then Close DipTrace and start CopperCAM.
Hey, <br>Does anyone know how to make coppercam to put a line number (N***) in front of every line? I have a demo Mach3 and i can run only 999 line Gcodes, so I have to cut the g-code lists into 999 line pieces. Or is there any other solution? <br>Many thanks
<p>Use Florian Balmer's Notepad2 and under the &quot;view&quot; tab, select &quot;line numbers&quot;.</p>
I need control circuit diagram,please give me
I need control circuit diagram
<p>Thanks for tutorial....</p>
<p>HI dear centauri, thank you very much for sharing such a useful info. as i ma a layman in software part i was not able to generate g codes to run my diy cncs,finally today i could generate some n run my m/c, however request pls kindly post some info about mechanical cad cam,wit g code generation. regards n keep posting such info</p>
Hi, can you post the gcode files too? I want quickly check my 3040 cnc router and see how it performs with engraving pcb's. Thank you very much!
<p>hi I have a question, how do you control the axis z? my machine starts on and the axis z does not go up and then down instead just keep the same altitude and damage the PCB.</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>I zet my Z axe with a Probe witch i have made a tutorial about her</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Mach3-Zero-Probe-Tool/</p>
<p>I have create PCB by dip trace and convert it to g cord by copper cam</p><p>after that i was loaded the g code file to mach 3 and run the machine.</p><p> but drawing scale is wrong. what is the reason my mach 3 is licence version</p><p>please give me solution </p>
<p>It can be if ist in mm or inches its how your pcb software export the files and how you import and export it in CopperCam again.</p>
How long did it take for you to receive your coppercam license once you sent payment? It's going on 5 days since I sent payment now and I don't get a response to emails from them either.
<p>I got the Licens the day after i orderd it.</p>
<p>great work</p>
<p>great work</p>
<p>my copper-cam is not generating board outline gcode but the engraving and drilling are generating please what can cause it, i have follow the step by tutorial and video on youtube everything seems to be ok this is the code it generate for the cutting </p><p>(( CopperCAM 3 - 17/11/2008 / ISO-Mill Output )</p><p>( C:\COPPERCAM\CopperCAM.iso created 29/12/2014 at 07:29 )</p><p>( Workpiece dimensions: 46.914 x 67.081 x 2 mm )</p><p>G00 G90 G94 G71 G40 G54 G80</p><p>T2 M06</p><p>M03 S8000</p><p>G00 F3000</p><p>G00 Z2</p><p>M05</p><p>M02</p><p>%</p><p>with this the main gcode is not generate how can i resolve it</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>Hi everybody, FlatCAM has become the most powerful open-source PCB to G-code out there and has a new website: <a href="http://flatcam.org" rel="nofollow">http://flatcam.org</a></p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>I just released a program for preparing PCB for a CNC router/milling machine. It's free, open source, and aiming to be more powerful than what's out there already. Check it out at: <a href="http://caram.cl/software/flatcam" rel="nofollow"> http://caram.cl/software/flatcam</a></p><p>Enjoy!</p>
Hi<br> I am actually using cheap v-bits from eBay.<br> I also had problems with the tip breaking off. But looked like it was because when I run through my gcode it got to deep in the PCB because of the start distance of my V-Bit and the PCB Board.<br> I then began to use the Probing Method as I also have made a tutorial about<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mach3-Zero-Probe-Tool" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Mach3-Zero-Probe-Tool</a><br> With this I am 100% sure that the Tip of the V-Bit is just touching the PCB Board.<br> You can also use a piece of paper and move it around under the V-But and lower the V-Bit until you can&rsquo;t move the paper anymore then you also know that you are right on the PCB Board.<br> Hope that helps.
Hi, Nice video! <br> <br>I've been trying to mill pcd with the same setup that you are using (mach3/coppercam and a cnc). But I have difficulties to do thin trace. I've tried many ebay's carbide cutter but their tips always break. What are you using ?
Congratulations. Very good instructions. It will be very useful to me. How much lines of gcode was generated to this pcb? Is there an free (or trial) alternatives apps to CooperCam? I just finishing constructing my cnc and I am in test phase. I would like to try milling a pcb but I want to try some apps before choose the one I will pay for licenses. By now, my cnc is working well with mach3 (trial) and gcode files written by myself.
Hi Araripe <br>First Yes there are Alternatives to CopperCAM, there is http://pcbgcode.org/ <br>But i personally found CopperCAM the easiest to use. So for me the Money was well spend. <br>You can also use alternatives to MACH 3 which is Free and run uner Linux as, EMC2 and LinuxCNC. <br>Because with the Free version of MACH 3 has the limit of 300 lines of G-Code you cant make much. <br>Just for a simple design an my PCB design her the number of code lines is. <br>Engraving = 1735 <br>Drill 0,8 mm = 91 <br>Drill 1,2 mm =47 <br>Board Cutout = 25 <br>So as you can see the Engraving part would be a problem with the Free MACH 3 version.
nice instruction s

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