How to Convert any acoustic drum into an electric drum step by step guide

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This Instructable will show you how to modify any acoustic drum and make it an electronic drum with the option to reverse back using very simple items.

Step 1: Making the Mesh heads.

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The first item needed is mesh.
Regular window mesh is too weak to handle continuous drumstick abuse... Pet proof mesh is the answer.
For about $ 17 a roll, it's enough to make heads for a 6 piece kit, maybe more.
One layer is more than enough to make a very decent head.

doggyd69b (author) 1 year ago

If you want to hear my heavy accent trying to explain this look here:


macogala29 days ago

Thank you very much for this. I have a question. Once you have triggered the drums, how do you associate it with a computer so you can really play sounds?

doggyd69b (author) 1 year ago

You are correct Squozen, but it think it is cheaper to buy the piezos by themselves than to buy a card and get them from it. unless grandma sends a lot of those to you...

squozen1 year ago

A little tip: those annoying, audible greeting cards often have a piezo very similar to this inside them. I've been using them since the early 1980s in my own electronic drums as replacements to the triggers when they go out. Enjoy!

Wow, thanks for posting this! It's so well documented! Also, you should post that video in the body of the instructable :)