Picture of How to Convert swfs to Executables
Ok, in this guide, I will show you how to convert swf files to exe files so that you can play the game/movie without going through fifteen thousand programs just to open it.

What You will need:

> A computer (no surprise there...)
> The special program
> A Flash movie or game to convert

Step 1: Download The Program

Picture of Download The Program
Download and unzip the converter. For those who haven't got a flash game or movie to convert, go to www.albinoblacksheep.com. Or you could download the Flash.zip on this step. If you dont know how to download Flash games and movies, then have a look at This.

Anyway once you have downloaded the program and unzipped it, put the flash game or movie in the same directory as the program. Once you have done that, select one game/movie and drag it onto the Flash converter. The program will open up displaying the game. Now to permanently do this, click on File then click on create projector. Save and open it. You are DONE!!!!!!!

Happy Playing!

Feel free to comment...
can you convert exes to swf?
ratman95 years ago
Umm, excuse me, but where exactly IS the "special program"? The GAMES.ZIP only contains 3 flash files, WHere is the link for the projector?
RedFlash (author)  ratman95 years ago
You open the .exe file and rag a flash game onto it. Then you go to file > Create projector. That creates a .exe file which plays that specific flash game
I know that but theres no .exe in the compressed file. I only found a few flash swfs, but no executable

Arbitror5 years ago
Most flash animations and flash games have an anti pirate function, which only allows the flash object to be played on their server. I think that's why you had your "weird" problem... Also, Flash Player, the special program, is actually a flash player that Macromedia bundles with Flash for artists to test their creations.
RedFlash (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
So how can I get around it?
The only way is to buy a copy from the game's creator so you can put it on your games website. You will also have to give them the name of your server (eg miniclip.com), so that that specific game you bought can only be played on your games website. Every game website with that game will have their own version that only works on their server.
RedFlash (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
I may be desperate for that game, but I wouldn't pay a cent for it
munchman6 years ago
Sorry, but this isn't your 'special program'. This is just Flash Player. Stop trying to take credit for other peoples work!
RedFlash (author)  munchman6 years ago
Fine... I don't know where it came from. I only got it in a set of games that my friend gave me and I discovered it's capabilities...
Cool, thanks, I just don't like it when people rip off others' work. By the way, this is a good tip, and I have used it on many occasions.
RedFlash (author)  munchman6 years ago
I agree, I don't like that... I just wasn't thinking
RedFlash (author)  RedFlash6 years ago
when I was making this instructable...