Step 2: Cooking Duck

Picture of Cooking Duck
1.) Turn oven on and preheat to 350 degrees

2.) Place a single sliced orange, single sliced onion, three diced garlic toes and two cups of water in the bottom of the 14 in. by 12 in. serving tray.

3.) Place sliced ingredients and half cup of olive oil in the bottom of the tray.

4.) Place two slices of orange and one slice of onion into rear of duck.

5.) Place the raw duck on top of the ingredients already in the bottom of the tray.

6.) Pierce the duck several times with a sharp knife )only through the meat and not all the way through).

7.) Season with salt, pepper, sage, oregano, cayenne pepper and basil leaf.

8.) Rub seasonings from step seven onto the skin of the duck.

9.) Place unvented cover over tray.

10.) Once preheated place the duck in the oven and cook for two and one half hours.