So one day you look in the mirror and see a grey hair, then the fine lines appear on your face. Then at work your new young coworker pipes up and says "hey, you know, I was just in kindergarten when you started working here".

Yup, you are getting old!.


Your life is not over yet.

Aging is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and strength.
-Betty Friedan, "Parade", March 20, 1994

Step 1: Take care of yourself

Eat Healthy- your body absorbs less nutrients when you are older, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and take supplements, especially vitamin D and calcium.

Exercise -muscle tissue can become less flexible, and you lose bone density with age. Exercise can help prevent this, start light , don't overdo it and seek the advice of a physician if you are starting a new exercise regime, just taking a 30 minute walk outside is great.

Exercise your mind -"use it or lose it", it can prevent cognitive decline, do suduko, crosswords, play cards, read, learn new things.

Socialize -surround yourself with friends, humans are social animals and thrive in these situations. Join a book club, knitting circle, play bingo, bridge. If your not big on people, get a pet.

Stay on top of your health, visit a doctor for routine screening such as mammogram, prostate, cholesterol, blood pressure, eye exam, hearing test.

It is also not a bad idea to take a closer look at your family tree, to see if there is any history of illness such as heart disease or cancers that you can take preventative measures against.

You know you're getting old when all the names in your black book have M. D. after them.
-Harrison Ford

Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

right. I use it
Kudos! People should not be afraid to age. We should age gracefully and accept the changes that come with it. Thank you for posting.
Well THIS came about 25 years too late for me LOL
Haha well.. It's never too late. If you start a better diet you will immediately notice differences.
I have actually, and although the changes are small, I am losing a bit of weight, and feeling a little better, but the pains from the heart surgery, and the numbness and the arthritis will probably pretty much remain :-)
Well thought-out and good advice (-though growing old gracefully isn't for everyone- some think it's more fun to grow old DISgracefully ;p ) One of the benefits of getting older is not worrying so much what others think of you so, I say: if it doesn't hurt anyone else, go for it!<br><br>That being said, my Mum is over 90, lives alone, full life with lots of friends and interests, still drives (though not in busy traffic at night, she realises her limitations); she has been walking, doing dance and Tai Chi for years so has great balance and good strong bones. She realises she's responsible for her own health and happiness, so she refuses to be a burden to society, and still does volunteer work. She's lucky with her health but also takes care of it. She's going to go on Facebook, too, when she gets time.... exhausts me just thinking about it!<br><br>Thanks for a thoughtful and constructive Instructable:)
Thanks. Your mum is awesome.
Yes, I hope I'm 1/4 as good when I get to her age.<br><br>I like all your quotes. There's one that goes something like &quot;old age has its disadvantages but it sure beats the alternative!&quot; ... don't know where it's from.
Not everyone gets to grow old
Sadly, yes.
Good advice, no matter how old or young you are. I would like to add a few more things to your list: Get enough sleep/rest, Express and show your love to others-you will both be better for it. Make each day count. We do not know how many days we/they have left. And to those under 30 or so- Don't rush or waste your youth- Middle age comes at you fast!
Excellent advice there buddy:) just out of curiosity 'how old are you' by the way?
I'm 37, but I do have aging parents that have inspired me to write this.
Are you sure your name isn't Dennis?
No, really its chrys!
Very nicely done! I hope you inspire lots of people to view growing older in a new, more positive light. My motto is: "Don't give yourself permission to be old!"

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