When I copy something it is either because the original is no longer available for purchase or the fit is so perfect I have to have it.
There are several ways to copy clothing.

1.  Draft a pattern. This requires a skill set that is usually learned in a class or as an apprentice to a tailor. There are some good blogs on this topic and I am only just beginning to branch into this method.

2.  Trace an exact copy of the garment. This can be done in a way that preserves the original garment by tracing it on paper, transferring all of the design element markings, darts, seam allowances, trims, pockets, button placement, zippers. This requires intermediate to advanced knowledge of garment construction and accuracy with tracing and transferring marks.  I might write a how to on this sometime, but not today.

3.  Deconstruct the original garment to get exact pieces for a pattern. This is what I am going to show you today.

Step 1: Tools and What You Need to Get Started

Tools you need

1.  Blue jeans you are willing to take apart. When I decide to deconstruct a garment it is something I do not plan to put back together.
2.  A seam ripper.
3.  Place to store the pieces as you remove them. A one gallon zip close plastic bag will keep pieces together.
4.  Time. Don't try to hurry this process. You are studying the garment as you take it apart.

<p>This is my first time ever sewing something and I really want to copy my favorite pair of jeans, but I don't want to take them apart. They are still wearable, I don't really know some of the terms you are using in the explanation and it got really confusing for me in the middle of the explanation. I'm only 17 too, so I'm still learning; or just starting to learn at least. </p>
<p>Hi Cherryboms123456789,</p><p>Sorry I have not been on this site for a while. Thanks for your interest in my post. This instructable was written for someone with intermediate to advanced sewing skills. I would suggest that you might purchase a pants pattern, maybe even with elastic waist, for either pull on shorts or pajamas first, to begin building your skills. Then move up to something with a zipper fastener, then to something with a back yoke before you try jeans. Sewing can offer very big rewards, but it can also be a very big disappointment if you jump in too far ahead of your experience level. </p><p>Many of the commercial patterns labeled as &quot;easy&quot; are still very stylish, without the added complex seems. Good luck. I wish you every success with your newly found sewing hobby.</p>
Lots of great tips! I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I need to build up the courage to rip a pair apart. :D
Pick a pair that you have just loved to wear so much you have worn them out. If you can't wear them any way, because you have worn them out, then you will not lose anything by taking them apart, and the new pair will feel like the original.

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