Step 4: Sewing tips for your new jeans

Picture of Sewing tips for your new jeans
This part is kind of up to you, it will be an exact reversal of how you took the pants appart and the reason  you took notes as you did the deconstruct process.   This part is best worked in small steps because it can really be overwhelming if you are new to this.  Also, it is much easier to do as much as you can while each piece is still flat.

I don't know exactly how your garment was constructed so I will give you the probable order for reconstruction, but you will have to refer to the pieces you have removed and the half that you kep for reference.

1.  Make the zipper placket, set aside.
2.  Make your front pockets.
3.  Sew a long thin strip to use for cutting belt loops, cut belt loops to size and set aside.
4.  Sew the front pockets to the front pant legs.
5.  Attach the zipper placket and sew the front seam.  The front seam is the portion under the zipper to the crotch, probably only a few inches long.
6.  Make your decorative stitches on the back pockets.
7.  Turn in edges of the pocket, press and sew.
8.  Sew the back pockets to the back of the pants.
9.  Sew each back yoke portion to the back pant leg portion. 
10.  Sew the back seam, this is the seam from the waist to the crotch. Where the yoke meets the pants section will be thicker go slow and have a sharp needle, this will be one of the thickest seam sections.
11.  Sew the outer leg seams.  Where the front pockets attach will be thicker go slow.
12.  Sew the inseam.  Matching the seams at the crotch.  This is the longest seam you will make and where all the fabrics meet at the mid crotch go slow.  Go slow and make sure your needle is sharp.  You may need to press and even hammer the fabric to compress it a bit before you sew.  
13.  Place belt loops.
14.  Attach waist band.
15.  Fold up belt loops attach.
16.  Top stitch the waist band.
17.  Attach the jeans button and make button hole in waist band.
18.  Hem
19.  Wear your amazing new best jeans you ever had in the world and brag about it.
20.  Now that you know it is not so hard, keep the original pieces for your next pair, repeat as desired.