Introduction: How to Cover Eye Circles and Blemishes When it comes to covering dark under eye circles and blemishes, moderation is key. Here's how to try it.


For Dark Circles:
1. Eye Cream: DDF's Erase Eye Gel will help minimize the appearance of under eye circles, brighten the eye area and reduce puffiness.

2. Corrector: Start with a small amount and start a little bit below where your circles start blending your way up with light padding motions. We recommend CoverGirl/Olay's Simply Ageless Corrector.

For Blemishes
1. Serum: Find a nice hydrating serum and apply it to the blemish.  This provides a nice base so the corrector will look natural. Here we used DDF's Mesojection Antioxidant Moisturizing Serum.

2. Corrector: Use a small amount of the CoverGirl/Olay Simply Ageless Corrector and lightly dab it onto the blemish, blending it in.

TIP: Start with a tiny amount of product. Often times too much product will be used and it will emphasize the area instead of concealing it.


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